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Find the Right Person

Finding top talent is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today.

Standard 13 specializes in the new kind of recruiting. It’s an entirely new model that’s disrupting the entire industry, redefining how you find your next employee, or your next job.

  • We believe job descriptions and resumes are a hassle of the past.

  • Through our consultative approach we negate the need for additional information.

  • Our approach dramatically decreases bias throughout the interview process.

At Standard 13, we don’t believe there’s value in excess work. We make it easy for our clients to hire better talent, faster and more efficiently.

Standard 13 - Find the right person
Standard 13 - Land the right job

Land the Right Job

The job application process can be difficult to navigate, but Standard 13 is here to help. We take a candidate-first, human approach to help you land the job now, and to support you throughout your career into the future.

To all candidates out there, we hear you. The painful realities of time wasted in today’s job searching environment include:

  • Impersonal auto reply messages that your resume was received but lost in a black hole.
  • No response after you took the time to create profiles and/or complete lengthy online applications.
  • Re-doing your resume or spending money paying for a company to do it for you.

  • Spending time creating thoughtful cover letters that may never be read.

We realize the importance of feedback so you can learn, grow, improve. Standard 13 is here to support you.

Standard 13 has started a revolutionary movement, reinventing recruitment.  Join us today!  #rejecttheresume  #removethejobdescription

“As the founder of a growing start-up that doesn’t have the support of a dedicated, in-house recruiter, Standard 13 provided me with support that met my needs,  saved me so much time, and that felt like a true extension of our small team! And with the money we were able to save on costly agency fees, we were able to offer


“Talent in our organization is a top priority. Our company is growing quickly and we are actively considering what we need to do to stay competitive as an employer of choice in today’s market. From recruitment marketing strategy, to brand positioning diagnostics, to talent market mapping for our hard to fill roles, Standard 13 has been a tremendous resource for our business.”


“We needed support identifying a successor for a member of our leadership team. This was a confidential search that we could not advertise. Utilizing a typical agency just didn’t make sense because we didn’t have a timeline to hire, so we reached out to S13 and purchased a sourcing list.  We were able to connect with potential candidates at our own pace and without the pressure to bring a new hire on board immediately. The connections we made through the sourcing list have identified three potential backfills – all of whom we’d be excited to work with!”