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Typical agencies work with clients on a contingent or retained basis and charge fees at 25% or more. You’ll have to prepare a job description and review resumes, adding time and energy to an already-too-long process. At Standard 13, we don’t believe there’s value in excess work. We make it easy for our clients to hire better talent, faster and more efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our approach and our efficiency, with no obligation to hire, low fees, and zero risk policy.

Yes. Our sourcing lists can be generated with your specific needs in mind.

Many of our clients choose to work exclusively with our company, however there is no commitment or contract to do so.

We believe job descriptions are a hassle of the past. Instead, we ask clients 13 questions about the professional you need to hire. We believe writing – and reading! – resumes are a drag, so we won’t waste anyone’s time considering CV’s either. We strongly believe that our consultative approach negates the need for additional information.

Job descriptions are created to advertise positions to attract candidates. Our agency doesn’t advertise your role. Instead, we focus on delivering you results through sourcing lists that curate the right candidate for your team.

We believe resumes do a disservice to candidates opening up potential for bias. By removing resumes as a source of consideration, our clients instead focus on capabilities and what a particular professional can offer by way of work experience and qualifications. What you can expect instead – a human connection.

We rely on technology and innovation yet we are proud to get back to the basics – people simply introducing people.

Following our consultation, our team will utilize the latest recruitment technology to present profiles (13 profiles, to be exact!) for the professional you seek. Pipeline talent as a sourcing service by Standard 13 has been instrumental supporting companies for a variety of reasons, whether because their internal recruiters don’t have the time to “headhunt,” for companies looking to network for succession planning, or otherwise.

Our team scours the market in search of an elite, specialized candidate pool just for you. Our tools and resources provide us with the capability to identify candidates in a way employers just don’t have access to do themselves. Our clients also appreciate the ability to work with an agency for a discrete part of a search as opposed to a required commitment for services they simply don’t need.

Standard 13 - faq for employers

Job Seekers

To all candidates out there, we hear you. Impersonal auto reply messages that your resume was received but lost in a black hole after you took the time to create profiles and/or complete lengthy online applications, re-doing your resume or paying a company to do it for you, creating thoughtful cover letters that may never be read — these are painful realities of time wasted in today’s job searching environment.

At the end of the day, candidates feel grateful to speak with a human, and can only improve after receiving valuable feedback. Standard 13 is here to support you.

Our coaching and mentorship programs are designed to have you present your best self – not only to offer career guidance and support, but to ensure that when you get that interview, you’re equipped with the skills to present your best self, and to get that offer.

We offer gift certificates for coaching per session, or by package.

Whether you’re interviewing for a new job, or trying to get ahead in your current company, we’ll help you break through limitations and gain a new set of skills (and the confidence!) to present your best self!

We believe coaching can benefit everyone, no matter what stage you’re in. We can be especially helpful for those who have a genuine desire to improve their professional life.

We are convinced that removing pre-screening tactics (e.g.scrutinizing a candidate’s resume or reviewing their social media profiles before an interview), we’re eliminating much of the unconscious bias that can occur. Removing these hurdles allows the candidate to present themselves and highlight why they would be a great fit for the role during their interview — and not a moment before.

Standard 13 - faq for job seekers

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