Standard 13 offers results-driven strategies that work.


We’ll identify your specific needs (based on the role you’re hiring for and your company’s current and future objectives) and replace your existing job description with a list of 13 qualifications that would meet them.

From there, we’ll curate a list of 13 questions that allow us to narrow in on 13 candidates who fit the profile.

We’ll leverage our network and the tools at our disposal to make this process even more efficient, so you’ll spend less time looking for and interviewing the right candidate, and more time welcoming them to the team.

Standard 13 - Emloyers sourcing, executives working
Standard 13 - Expertise and Consultative Approach

Expertise & Consultative Approach

Whether you’re a startup in need of a framework for building a team from scratch, or a larger organization looking to attract new talent for your executive team, Standard 13 can offer guidance and solutions.

We’re nimble in our approach and varied in our expertise.

We make it easy for our clients to hire better talent, faster and more efficiently.


Diversity and Inclusion shouldn’t be a separate initiative, but an effort that’s deeply ingrained in your talent recruitment strategy from the start.

We’ll help you build a team using an inclusive hiring process that reduces unconscious bias.

We remove resumes and job descriptions, and instead leverage tools like blind interviews, allowing businesses to pivot to a systematic process that focuses on the candidates’ qualifications — nothing more, nothing less.

Standard 13 - Inclusion
Standard 13 - time savings for employers

Time Savings

On average, hiring managers will spend 37 days — and countless hours — trying to fill a critical role.

Don’t wait around for the right person to apply, let’s work together to find them now.

We’ve developed an efficient system that allows us to quickly identify your biggest needs, and to meet them in record time.

Flexible Approach

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach because every company’s needs are different.

Whether you’d prefer to use us strictly for sourcing but manage candidate outreach on your own, to build a bench of qualified candidates ahead of an upcoming departure, or to run a talent landscape analysis to determine the best geographic location for your talent search, we’ll discuss your needs, then create a plan to meet them.

Standard 13 - flexible approach for employers
Standard 13 - flexible pricing for employers

Flexible Pricing

Our rates are purposely reasonable so that our clients can spend less money on recruiting fees and more on their ideal candidate.

We provide top quality services at a standard fee.

No obligation to hire, low fees, and zero risk.

Standard 13 has started a revolutionary movement, reinventing recruitment.  Join us today!  #rejecttheresume  #removethejobdescription

“As the founder of a growing start-up that doesn’t have the support of a dedicated, in-house recruiter, Standard 13 provided me with support that met my needs,  saved me so much time, and that felt like a true extension of our small team! And with the money we were able to save on costly agency fees, we were able to offer our candidate greater compensation!”
“Talent in our organization is a top priority. Our company is growing quickly and we are actively considering what we need to do to stay competitive as an employer of choice in today’s market. From recruitment marketing strategy, to brand positioning diagnostics, to talent market mapping for our hard to fill roles, Standard 13 has been a tremendous resource for our business.”
“We needed support identifying a successor for a member of our leadership team. This was a confidential search that we could not advertise. Utilizing a typical agency just didn’t make sense because we didn’t have a timeline to hire, so we reached out to S13 and purchased a sourcing list.  We were able to connect with potential candidates at our own pace and without the pressure to bring a new hire on board immediately. The connections we made through the sourcing list have identified three potential backfills – all of whom we’d be excited to work with!”