Welcome to Standard 13

Our team specializes in a new kind of recruiting, a modern method that’s revolutionizing the industry as we know it.

We don’t see value in resumes, job descriptions, inefficient interviews, or making hiring decisions based on archaic practices that don’t serve us in the modern age.

We believe resumes do a disservice to candidates and increase bias. By removing resumes as a source of consideration, our clients instead focus on capabilities and what a particular professional can offer by way of work experience and qualifications. What you can expect instead – a human connection.

We rely on technology and innovation yet we are proud to get back to the basics – people simply introducing people.

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We’re getting back to the basics, introducing humans to humans, and simplifying the process to remove the most common pain points. We’re focused on results.


We’ve developed a uniquely effective and totally different model for a recruiting agency — one that’s flexible to meet your unique needs, whether you’re searching for your next candidate or your next job.


At Standard 13, we believe in doing more with less, and focusing on what matters: saving you time and money.

Standard 13 has started a revolutionary movement, reinventing recruitment.  Join us today!  #rejecttheresume  #removethejobdescription

Welcome to the future of recruiting.