Our Values

At Standard 13, we pursue our passion by helping you to achieve yours.

We are a mission driven, for-profit recruitment consultancy firm providing top talent to our clients at a standard 13% recruiting fee.

Our services aren’t standard, but our fee structure most definitely is.

We’re inspired by meaningful connections, and our approach reflects our commitment to serving our customers with honesty and integrity.

We’re here to make a positive and long-term impact in an area of business that desperately needs change – we do this work because we love it, and we feel fortunate to support our community.

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Join Our Team

We’re on a mission to revolutionize recruiting. Interested in joining us? Drop us a note at: jobs@standardthirteen.com.

Standard 13 has started a revolutionary movement, reinventing recruitment.  Join us today!  #rejecttheresume  #removethejobdescription